Steps to take if disconnected from a tournament (desktop)

If you get disconnected from a tournament, restart the software. Once you've reconnected, go to the lobby screen and select:

  1. Tools
  2. My Games & Tickets
  3. Registered in tournaments

You can also use the hotkeys 'Ctrl' + 'R' for Windows or 'Cmd' + 'R' for Mac.

Your registered tournaments will display. Select the tournament you were playing in and press 'Go There' to rejoin.

Finally, other applications and websites can affect your tournament experience. We recommend that you:

  • Limit the number of applications and websites you have open.
  • Avoid streaming media or downloading large files while playing.

If you are having issues with your broadband connection, try using your smartphone as a hotspot. Data rates may apply, check with your mobile data provider for more information.


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