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Poker Room

Why go to Las Vegas when you can play in the finest on-line poker room around the world just by sitting at the best tables of Texas Hold'em.

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Poker and Games

Click on any of the above-listed poker games for a detailed description of the game’s rules. If you are a beginner at on-line poker, we suggest you read the section about basic poker rules before sitting at a table. Additionally, you can have a look into PokerStars’s glossary of poker terms.

PokerStars is happy to present you with a wide selection of multi-table on-line poker tournaments with the entire range of poker games being offered. Moreover, by popular demand, we are happy to offer limit and no-limit games with play money at our free poker tables.

Regardless of which table you decide to play at, on PokerStars you’ll always be playing poker with other real on-line players. This occurs because, unlike other on-line poker rooms, on PokerStars you will never play against "bots" (artificial intelligence electronic systems which simulate the game of poker), "shills" (paid players), computer-made opponents or against "the site" itself.

For more information, please refer to our regulations at Poker Room Regulations.

Minimum tournament membership fee

The minimum fee in order to enter tournaments is €0.50.

Bet all your stakes (All-in)

When a player puts all his chips in the pot, he is said to be an "all-in" player. An all-in player may compete for only a portion of the pot, proportionally to his bet. The remaining portion of the pot, if any, made up by the other players’ bets, shall represent the side-pot (secondary pot). There are no limits to the number of side-pots. However, being an all-in player in the position to sweep the main pot, the player shall by no means be forced to leave the hand.

It may sometimes happen that a player has enough chips to continue betting or calling, but loses the connection. In such event, the player is considered "all-in" for the amount of chips bet in that hand. If this occurs continuously, it is likely that the player has a poor Internet connection. In such  a case, we recommend that the player leaves the poker table until the connection is re-established.

While connected to PokerStars, should a player not act within the set timeframe (normally 30 seconds), the missed response shall be considered as a pass and the player will be sent an e-mail with the explanation of that pass. This system is used for many reasons, mainly in order to avoid players abusing the “all-in” procedure explained above.

High Speed Poker Tables (Fast Tables)

These tables are labelled by the word "fast" between brackets following the table’s name. Such special tables are set up for players who prefer a faster paced game compared to normal tables. The speed differences typical of high-speed tables are as follows:

  • You will have only 15 seconds instead of 25 to act on a limit poker table.
  • You will have only 20 seconds instead of 35 to act on a no-limit poker table.
  • You will have only 1 second instead of 3 to show or hide your cards (muck).
  • The winner will receive the pot quicker.
  • In the end, showdown (cards being shown) is quicker, being 2 seconds instead of 4.

Moreover, high speed poker tables require an auto-posting of blinds. When you take a seat, you’re automatically in the “Wait for Big Blind” position and you have bet at the time of the first expected big blind. If you wish to play immediately, you can tick off “Wait for Big Blind” and the dealer will give you your cards on the following hand.

If you wish to pause during the game, when you receive the blinds, click on “Sit out next blind”. Cards will be given to you until the blinds reach you and then you’ll be put in the "Sitting Out” position.

Suspensions / Game Issues

In the rare event of a server problem, all pending transactions will be stored to your PokerStars account at the end of each hand. Should a hand not be completed for any reason, all players’ accounts will be restored to the same situation they were in at the beginning of the hand. All bets will be voided and a new hand will be dealt. Should a poker tournament be suspended because of server problems, the tournament itself shall resume from the beginning of the current hand.

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