All About Instant Bonuses

Players can use Casino Instant Bonuses to play Casino games for real money.

Any residual winnings from your Casino Instant Bonus bets may be released to your real-money account by completing the wagering requirements whilst playing in eligible Casino games. Depending on the terms of the bonus, this can be based on earning redemption points in Casino games.

Use Casino Instant Bonuses

How a Casino Instant Bonus works

Casino Instant Bonus is awarded for use on specified Casino games. These bonus funds cannot be withdrawn. However, if you complete the wagering requirements by earning the required number of redemption points, then any residual balance will be credited to your Stars Account when you exit the game sessions, and may be wagered or withdrawn. When you receive, or accept a Casino Instant Bonus, you will have a pre-determined amount of time to use it and meet the wagering requirements before it expires.

How Instant Bonus Works

How to manage a Casino Instant Bonus

The number of redemption points you need to earn to convert a Casino Instant Bonus balance to real money will be displayed when it is offered. You can only earn these redemption points in eligible Casino games for that Casino Instant Bonus. This information will be available to view on the web, desktop client or mobile app via the ‘My Stars’ menu.

You’ll also find additional details such as expiry dates and the options to ‘surrender’ (give up) or ‘pause’ your Casino Instant Bonus. Pausing your active Casino Instant Bonus will make the bonus unavailable to use to buy into any eligible games. The expiry date and time of the Casino Instant Bonus will remain the same and you will still need to complete the wagering requirements to convert the Casino Instant Bonus balance to real money within the specified time. You can choose to ‘resume’ a paused bonus at any time up to expiry.

How to manage multiple Casino Instant Bonuses

You can only use one Casino Instant Bonus at any one time in an eligible game. If you have multiple Casino Instant Bonuses available for use in a particular game, only one bonus will be available to be used based on the priority of the bonus. You can use the next Casino Instant Bonus on that game only after you have cleared the current Casino Instant Bonus by earning the set number of redemption points, have surrendered or paused the bonus or have used all the bonus funds.

After that, in order to use the next Casino Instant Bonus, you have to leave all tables and/or games. The next Casino Instant Bonus (if active) will now be available to use to buy-in to eligible games as soon as you join a new table. Available funds from an issued Casino Instant Bonus can be split across different games but the same funds can never be used on different games at the same time. For example: You have been awarded a €100 Instant Bonus. You could buy into an eligible game using €40 Instant Bonus and then buy into another eligible game with the remaining €60 Instant Bonus. However, you cannot take the same €40 Instant Bonus into another eligible game as it is already allocated to a table.

You can manage the order in which Casino Instant Bonuses become available for use via the ‘My Stars’ menu, as described above.

How to review your game balance with an active Casino Instant Bonus

If a Casino Instant Bonus is available for use in a game, is active, and is of the highest priority, you can buy-in to the table using your Casino Instant Bonus. The available balance of Casino Instant Bonus and real money (if any) bought into the game will be displayed in the game window.

When placing a wager, funds will be taken from the currently-available Casino Instant Bonus balance first, and from your real money balance second.

After each betting round concludes, the balance of any Casino Instant Bonus in use will increase or decrease based on the outcome of your wager. If the Casino Instant Bonus balance falls below the bet you wish to place, the remainder of the balance will be combined with any real money funds available to make the bet. When Casino Instant Bonus and real money are used together in a bet, then the winnings from this bet will be credited to Casino Instant Bonus and real money balances in the same proportion in which the bets were made.

Once you have earned the number of redemption points needed to clear the Casino Instant Bonus, you will get a message informing you that you have met your wagering requirements. Then the Casino Instant Bonus balance will be converted to real money.

The rate at which redemption points are earned varies depending on which Casino game you choose to play, meaning that the total volume of Casino wagering required to clear your bonus may increase or decrease. Click here for a full outline of how redemption points are earned per game type. Please note that bets covering the Roulette table by 65% or more will earn 0 redemption points.

Surrender a Bonus

You can surrender a Casino Instant Bonus (both the Casino Instant Bonus and pending winnings derived from stakes placed with it) at any time before clearing it or its expiry. When you surrender the Casino Instant Bonus, you will be shown a warning message stating that if you surrender them the Casino Instant Bonus will be removed from the account. You have the option to confirm or cancel.