Win a share of over €40,000 in bonuses and Winter Series tickets.

It’s showtime. Take on Challenges to get your hands on extra bonuses and Winter Series tickets. All you need to do is head to the tables.

The Broadway Challenge hits the stage from December 15-January 12.

Here’s how it works:

  • Opt-in via your ‘Challenges Window’. You only need to do this once. You’ll get a Chest straight away which will unlock one card in your grid.
  • Earn 2.5 redemption points and you’ll receive a Chest which will unlock a card in your grid. You can receive up to one card each day by completing this Challenge. You earn 5 redemption points for every €1 you pay in rake or fees across all tournaments and cash games.
  • Reveal Four of a Kind (one column in your grid) and you’ll get a Chest containing a €3 bonus.
  • Achieve a Royal Flush (one row in your grid) and you’ll get a Chest containing a €4 bonus.
  • Finish the entire grid and… you’ve guessed it. You’ll get another Chest containing your final reward – either a €10, €20 or €50 Winter Series tournament ticket.

The stage is set. Here’s your chance to score up to 10 extra rewards. Strut your stuff and get involved.

Terms and Conditions

What is being offered

The Broadway Challenge is a grid broken down into 20 cards pieces, divided by 5 rows (Royal Flush) and 4 columns (Four of a Kind).

Players who take part in the Broadway Challenge during the offer period, as specified below, can win bonus rewards and Winter Series tournament tickets upon completion of each grid row, grid column and the entire Broadway grid. Rewards are specified below.

When is the offer being conducted

This offer runs from 12:00 CET on December 15, 2022 until 05:59 CET on January 12, 2023.

Who is eligible to take part and how can you qualify

The offer is only available to invited players. To participate in the offer and have the progress measured, players must opt-in via the Challenges Window and then collect cards by completing mini challenges, as specified in the Challenges Window. For completing mini challenges, players will collect cards that represent grid pieces and will count towards forming a poker hand, i.e. completing a grid column (Four of a Kind) or a grid row (Royal Flush).

Players will have until January 12, 2023 to collect the required cards and complete all 20 pieces of the Broadway Challenge.

Wagering requirements and limitations by type of game

Full details about wagering requirements for each mini challenge can be found in the Challenges Window.

Claiming and redeeming the offer

Players will receive a reward immediately upon completion of each grid row, grid column and the entire Broadway grid, as specified below:





Row (Royal Flush)



Column (Four of a Kind)



Entire grid (20 cards)

Winter Series ticket



Winter Series ticket



Winter Series ticket



All rewards will be credited inside a Chest. Players will need to open the Chests to claim their rewards.

Bonuses must be wagered at least once before they can be withdrawn, in accordance with ADM regulations on the usage of bonuses.

Tickets issued as part of this offer can be used to register and play Winter Series tournaments with buy-ins corresponding to the value of the ticket. Tickets are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash, T-Money or other tickets.

Tournament tickets won will expire 7 days after issue. They will hold no value once expired and will not be compensated.

Unopened Chests will expire 7 days after being credited.

What else do you need to know

Players can track their progress towards completion of the challenge in their Challenges Window.

Challenge extensions are not allowed. Any cards earned that did not result in Challenge completion will be lost after the offer period has ended.

See here for general promotional Terms & Conditions.